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Experienced Power System Specialists

The sales team at LIZCO Sales & Equipment brings years of experience, personalized service and a breadth of knowledge to each customer interaction. We have significant experience in the high voltage sector, but our reputation for quality and commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at the top. LIZCO’s sales team consists of highly-trained and capable experts, who have worked in the field and know what you need and have the backing of our on-site engineering department along with our own custom fabrication shop. Our sales team continues to have authentic and long-lasting relationships with both vendors and clients alike. The LIZCO team is trusted by clients for all of their complex and critical high voltage power needs.


Jake has 15 years of electrical experience, 3 years in low voltage industry, and the last 12 years in the medium and high voltage fields. He specializes in electrical equipment procurement, sales and service, mainly medium and low voltage switchgear and circuit breakers, transformers (dry and oil filled), along with obsolete and hard to find electrical components.

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